Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meditation on Luke 24

Meditation on Luke 24

Lord Jesus, you are alive. You have risen on the third day as you said you would. Help us to believe this report and trust in it. Help us marvel at the wonder of such great power and glory, Lord Jesus, open our eyes to your risen glory. 

Lord Jesus, let me find you in Moses and all the prophets. Let me be able to read the LAW and see you in its midst. Help me see you as the Joseph who had died and raised up to become king of the world. Allow me see Moses, rejected and buried in the desert only to be raised to become the savior of Israel. Let me see Israel herself dead and buried in the deportation to Babylon and raised to life again by your mighty hand. Open my eyes to see the pattern of death, burial, and resurrection on every hand and see that you have been telling us from the beginning that salvation would come by overcoming death and a rebirth of life from the dead. Lord Jesus, open my heart and mind to see the gospel as always your plan. 

Lord Jesus, as we take communion let us see you alive. Reveal your resurrected self to us in the bread and the cup. Let this remembrance come to us and bring us to greater faith. Let us see you more clearly, that we may love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly. Lord have mercy. Revive us and use us to revive others. 

Bring the reality of your resurrection to us. Not a story. Not an idea. But a historical and physical reality. Help the impact of that hit us. Lord help me to really and deeply believe that you have risen from the dead and have overcome the curse of the garden. Lord, I believe and help my unbelief. 

Holy Spirit fill me and fill your people, around the world, that we might have the power to give clear and real witness of the Messiah Jesus to all nations and call all to repentance. Bring forgiveness to many through our witness. Revive us and allow us to be the means by which others are revived. 

Lord Jesus, allow us to worship you this day in spirit and truth. Great High Priest and mediator, pour out the grace of heaven upon us today. Bless us this day and in that blessing transform us into your likeness. 

Lord have mercy! Amen

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