Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meditation on Jeremiah 4:5-31

Meditation on Jeremiah 4:5-31

Lord, awaken us to the danger.  We sleep and live in denial even as judgment comes.  Awaken us to see what is coming.  Provide for us souls of conviction, confession, repentance, and sadness.  Souls that are in sackcloth and ashes.

Lord, help us be afraid of what our insanity has created.  Take from us the deception that all will be well even as we rebel against you.  Such folly is in our hearts.  Help us see that sin brings only ruin.

Holy Spirit, wash my heart and the heart of all your people from their evil that we may be saved.  Cleanse us of our wicked thoughts and pride.  Because of our rebellion we have sown to the wind and will reap the whirlwind.   Forgive our ways and deeds of indifference and self-centeredness.

Teach us to do good.  Help us to know you as you are.  Make us innocent in doing evil and wise in doing good.  Take from us our foolishness and provide for us your wisdom.  Our only hope is in you awakening us.  Come now and send a great awakening to us.  Amen

Recreate us out of the darkness.  Bring order to our chaos.

Help us to see there is no salvation from the world system.  Let us not trust in the promises of our unbelieving culture.  Help us not be captured by their propaganda and hate.  Let us not turn to the left or to the right.  Show us your path.  Show us your peace.  Come to us before it is too late.

Lord, help us see our need of YOU.  Help me see my need of YOU.  Come now and revive, renew, and restore for your name's sake now act.  Amen

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