Saturday, July 30, 2016

Meditation on John 4:1-42

Meditation on John 4:1-42

LORD Jesus, you know what it is to feel weary as a human being.  To stop and sit down thirsty.   Help me today to see that you understand when I am tired.  Enable me to feel that you have empathy when I am worn out.  Come to me now and renew my strength.

Lord Jesus, help me to see you are the gift of God come to refresh and give living water to my soul.   Let me experience this life giving spiritual water.  Help me not focus on the physical needs I have but on the spiritual necessity of having fellowship with YOU.  Come now to me and help me feel your presence and power.

Lord Jesus, let me now hide my shortcomings and immorality from YOU.  YOU know me in and out.  Every action, thought, word, and feeling has occurred in front of YOU.  Help me now.  Guard my heart from evil intentions.

Lord Jesus, make of me a one who will provide true worship in passion, integrity, truth, and Spirit.  Fill me Holy Spirit and open up a new level of vision that I may be led into a new level of admiration, awe, and praise.  Lord, teach me to worship.

LORD Jesus, help me more and more see that YOU are the Messiah.

Lord, help me value small things less and big things more.

Grant me the boldness this day to share my encounter with YOU with others.

Help me find nourishment in doing YOUR will.  Let this be more vital to me than the physical food I eat.  Lord change my feelings and outlook on priorities so that doing YOUR will is the most vital thing for me each day.  Let me hunger and thirst to do YOUR will on earth as it is done in heaven.

Put me into white fields of harvest.  Lead me to people ready to become disciples.  Help me reap where others have sown.  Give a great harvest to us now.  Bring many to be your disciples.  Convert the children raised in Christian homes to become true disciples.  Lord, help us now.

Lord Jesus come to me today as YOU came to the Samaritan woman and encounter me in my daily doings that I might see YOU and be changed by YOU.   Amen

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