Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kingdom Prayer Needs for October 2015

Ministry Prayer Focus October 21, 2015

"May God grant us the wisdom to discover the right,
the will to choose it and the strength to make it endure." Amen.[1]

I.  Area of Up-reach

*    Pray that our worship team will be able to use their God given talents to encourage us to give glory to the Father, Son, and Spirit in the power of the Spirit, with passion, according to the word of truth, and with spiritual integrity.

*    Pray that our prayer ministry will more and more make us a consistent and fervent community of praise and petition before the face of the Living Lord.

II.  Area of Outreach

*    That our Evangelism Explosion teams will talk to people who are prepared by the Holy Spirit to listen and accept the gospel with sincerity and true faith.   Ask the Holy Spirit to give the gifts of faith and repentance to those our teams give witness to on Sunday afternoons.

*    Pray that Socrates Café can be an effective means of sharing a Christian worldview to people who are extreme doubters or believers in other religions.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help Dr. Norm to facilitate these meetings effectively and to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. 

*    Pray for the Voice of the Martyrs and all of the persecuted church that they may continue to give a faithful witness under persecution.   Ask the Lord to give us spirit of passionate intercession on November 1st as we dedicate this day to cry out for the needs of the persecuted church. 

*    Pray that we will develop a well thought out and effective ministry to the poor that will provide practical help and spiritual aid to those who are in great need.

*    Pray for Living Water’s counselors and staff to effectively minister the gospel to hundreds of people each month.  Ask the Lord to provide $20,000 of donations through the fundraiser on November 14th that we might have the resources needed to continue this outreach.   Pray that we will find ever increasing effective methods to help hurting hearts and homes.

III Area of In-Reach

*    Pray for the “Digging Deeper” studies on Wednesday nights to be better attended and have power to transform us through the application of the Word into our lives.

*    Pray for the Sunday School “Transforming Truths” study in Acts to help us to better understand what God desires First Church West to become.

*    Pray for the Woman’s meeting to show the way that the Lord would want us to head in this ministry in 2016.  Ask the Lord to have wisdom in ministering to the needs of women in our community. 

*    Pray for the Men’s Breakfast meeting and ministry.  Ask the Lord to help us to attach more men to this meeting and that it will have the spiritual energy needed to transform the men into the likeness of Christ.  Seek the Lord for what the men should study in 2016.

*    Pray for Pastor Damon as he seeks to establish ways to assimilate visitors and members into the ministry and life of the church

*    Pray that our community of disciples of Messiah/Christ Jesus will be of one heart and mind.  Ask for protection against gossip, grumbling, and division.

*    Pray that those who hear the teaching on Sunday morning during the service will seek to understand with their minds and apply to their hearts the messages that have been prepared.  Pray for Pastor Norm to be to be filled with the Holy Spirit as he prepares the message.  Also guide him as he seeks to see exactly what he should teach on during 2016.

*    Pray for the deacons to develop an effective ministry to those in need in our community of disciples.

IV.  Area of Structure & Practical ministry

*    Pray that the church will have $14,000 monthly to have the funds needed to accomplish this ministry.

*    Pray that our attendance will in 2016 reach 200 people on an average Sunday and in 2017 become 300 people weekly coming to services.

*    Pray for needed repairs to the Living Water offices air conditioning and the ability to better sound proof the rooms.

*    Pray for the session and board of the ministry that they might be wise in all their thoughts and godly in all their actions.
*    Pray that we can develop an effective process using teams to do the work of ministry.  Pray that we can keep unity during this time of learning how to best structure the ministry that we may maximize our spiritual power and potential.

*    Pray for the team leaders and members of the teams that they may be effective and joyful in their work of service 

*    Pray that we can get the fellowship hall entirely organized and looking good for the November 14th Living Water Fundraiser.

*    Pray for the protection of our church property from vandalism and theft.

*    Pray for the property management team to be able to define and develop our property to maximize its use for ministry that can be done in a safe and beautiful environment.

*    Pray for training and development of elders, deacons, and team leaders.

*    Pray for Pastor Damon and the finance team to be able to develop better processes for following, analyzing, and using the funds that God has given to the ministry.

[1] From the movie “First Knight”

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