Saturday, October 8, 2016

1 Peter 2:4-8

LORD, let me come to YOU this day.  Help me seek YOUR presence and power.   Life is more difficult and confusing than I could ever imagine.   So I seek YOU now to be in YOUR presence and find YOUR peace. 

LORD Jesus, you are the cornerstone.  All the weight of God's plan is fully on YOU.  You are alive and real.  YOU are rebuilding the temple.  YOU are the temple. 

YOU have made me a living part of God's temple as well.  I am part of the spiritual house in which YOU are worshiped in Spirit and Truth.  Help me see that I am a priest.  

Receive my praise and thanksgiving as a spiritual offering this day through the perfect work of redemption YOU accomplished on the cross and resurrection.  

YOU, Lord, are good
YOU, Lord, are great
YOU, Lord, are full of grace

I stand in awe of who you are. 

I thank you for your promise that you will never leave me or forsake me.   I have immense gratitude for your commitment to having every painful thing I have ever felt be used for ultimate good. 

All that has happened has been planned and prophesied by Moses and the prophets long ago.  YOUR redemption of believers to become both temple and priests was in YOUR mind forever.  

Our destiny is to worship YOU in the promises of YOUR gospel forever and ever.   

Help me to act consistently with the reality that I am both a holy priest set apart to live and serve YOU.  

Grant me the grace to fulfill this calling in my life.  Let me make known your greatness, goodness, and grace  Reflect in me the reality of the great redemption YOU have brought to us.  

LORD, be praised forever in the light of YOUR glory.  Amen

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