Sunday, January 24, 2016

Meditation on John 5:1-18

Meditation on John 5:1-18

LORD Jesus, you lived in a world very different from my world. In your world, people believed in God's power to heal and would wait for the stirring of water in the hope to be healed by divine power. Yet, this did not happen often. So miracles were rare. The needs, however, were desperate just as they are today. Perhaps in many ways, my time and culture are not so different. 

LORD Jesus, I need you to speak words of power, change, and transformation into my world even as you did the world of this paralyzed man. The transformation I need today is not physical healing but the power to see people I love radically changed by real true repentance and faith. I need them "saved", converted, and made true disciples. This is an eternal healing as opposed to one that only lasts for a season in this life. Only your command can make this happen. Begin by giving them a knowledge they need spiritual healing and a hunger to gain this healing of the soul. Lord, have mercy upon them and grant them this true and eternal healing. 

Lord, forgive us our legalism and self-righteousness. When you work among us there is always a tendency to judge what you are doing. To want it to be neater and in accordance with our traditions. Rather than seeing the desperate need or the wonder of your divine power transforming, we easily get consumed by lesser matters and controversies. Lord, save us from this type of religious insanity. 

Lord, give to us a hatred and right estimation for rebelling against your will. Provide us with the insight that sin kills us. Give to us a love and thirst for righteousness even as you forgive us our sins by your sacrifice on the cross. 

Help us to see you, Messiah Jesus, more clearly as the ultimate and personal revelation of God in the flesh, come to save us at great cost, so that we may love you more deeply and then follow you more nearly, this day and every day of our lives. Lord have mercy now. 

Speak your word of power and revive us, renew us, reform us, and restore us. Lord Jesus have mercy. Amen

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