Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 45

Lord Jesus, you are the ideal King.

Your beauty of heart, soul, and character is one dominated by unconditional love. 

Your words are full of wisdom, truth, and compassion.

King Jesus, your power makes you infinitely more powerful than all the mighty ones of history. Open my eyes to your splendor and majesty!

Come now into history and bring victory to the truth, the oppressed, and set right now all that is crooked, LORD, make all things straight. 

Take from my flesh, the world, and the dark lord of lies their power and cripple them. Do awesome deeds now and push back the darkness with your perfect light and love. 

King Jesus, God the Son who became the Son of God, your kingdom is one of righteousness and hatred of that which kills, steals, and destroys humanity YOU, have been anointed Messiah that we might be made glad and united to you in love. 

Open now the ears of the Church, your bride, and help us to forget the teachings of the unbelieving cultures of our upbringing. Allow the heart of your fellowship of believers bow before you with loving adoration and loyalty. Help us with joy and gladness of heart come before your presence before the throne of YOUR grace. 

Help us make disciples of all nations. Let us build a culture of truth, righteousness, beauty, and compassion to glorify your name before all creation. LORD, build your Church and destroy the gates of hell. May all nations see your glory revealed and reflected in your people who claim your name. 

Lord, revive us, reform us, renew us, and restore us. Fulfill your promises to your people in our times. Pour out your love and compassion upon us and through us. Allow us to see things greater than we could ever imagine or hope could occur. 

We are desperate LORD. Hear us!

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