Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 24 & 25

Meditation on Psalm 24 & 29
LORD, God of Israel and Creator of the whole earth.
Fill me with the righteousness of the Messiah. Help me come before YOU with bold confidence because of HIS victory over my sin.
Give me the blessing of YOUR righteousness and give me a hunger and thirst for YOU.
KING of Glory come now! Come in final judgment! Come in final restoration! Come now in revival! Be strong and mighty now and come battle for YOUR people Let us praise YOU this day!
LORD, YOUR character is without flaw. YOU are good and full of grace. YOU Are Love. Open the eyes of our heart that we may take joy in YOUR slender, greatness, purity, and strength.
LORD, all creation depends on your voice for life. Without YOUR word of power all would cease to be. Now all-powerful KING and LORD, give to us YOUR strength this day or we will cease to be.
LORD, give to us strength and peace this day. Remember we are but dust and very frail. Lead us Good Shepherd through this travail. Amen

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