Friday, July 15, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 31

Meditation on Psalm 31

Good, great, and merciful living and true maker of all the universe and Redeemer of the fallen world and Savior of the chosen believers, let me find refuge in you and protection.  Save me from my own insanity and the insanity of others.  

YOU, eternal, infinite, and unchanging Spirit of strength are the one stability in this world of change and chaos.  The only protection I can have is your watching over me and keeping me from ultimate harm.  

Show me the path to go and lead me through my life.  You have saved me from the schemes of the dark lord of rebellion and been my refuge in the darkest times.  Into YOUR hand I commit my spirit for YOU have paid for my sins on the cross and been faithful in YOUR commitment to me even when I have failed to keep my commitment to YOU.  

Save us from our idols.  Help us see the insanity of making anything our ultimate concern but YOU.  

Let me fully depend on YOU and YOU alone for the needs of my life.  See the distress and affliction of my heart.  Defeat the schemes of the enemy of my soul and allow me to have the freedom to serve you with joy. 

Pour out YOUR unconditional favor and abundant mercy on me, for I am in distress and grief.  My life is filled with sorrow and sighing.  My abilities fail me.  I am wasting away.  Renew and revive me.  Give me new strength.  

Destroy the plots of the world, the flesh, and devil.  May your redemptive plan be fulfilled in my life.  

Living LORD, YOU are the ultimate concern of my life.  May this be ever increasingly true.  My times are in your hands.  Let me live the rest of the days you have planned for me well.    Shine your face upon me and save me in YOUR faithful Love, as you have promised.  I call upon YOU!  Hear my voice!  Save me!  Use me!  Make my life count for YOUR glory and kingdom.  

LORD my God, you are abundant in goodness and grace.  Let me see that all the spiritual blessings of heaven are mine in YOU, LORD Jesus!  May YOU LORD take joy in saving me and coming to help me.  Forgive me my sins and let me be faithful to YOU.

LORD, allow your people to love YOU.  Preserve those who are full of faith in YOU.  Help us now LORD to be strong and of good courage as we trust YOU to come an revive us.  Amen

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