Friday, April 29, 2016

Meditation on Jeremiah 5:1-31

Lord, raise up those who will do justice and seek the truth.  Save us from false faith and hypocrisy.

Lord, help us feel the anguish of our moral failings, allow us to be corrected in our attitudes and actions, and save us from being hard-hearted and stubborn.  

Grant our leaders to be leaders.  Those who you have made the responsible grant that they may act in a responsible manner.  May those who are the great, act in a way worthy of the greatness you have given them.  

Awaken us to the futility of rebellion.

Good, great, and merciful LORD, turn us from our transgressions and deliver us from our apostasies.  Help us return to you in spirit and truth.   Save us from the destruction we deserve.

Pardon us due to your great grace found in calvary and awaken us from the insanity of our sins.  Put a new heart in us and take from us the heart of stone.  Help us see the ugly nature of our sins. 

Without repentance, we are doomed.  True deep and transforming repentance is our only hope.  Who knows if the DAY OF THE LORD, can be avoided.   

Lord, save us hypocrisy and empty religion.  Help our faith be true and our lives consistent.  

Lord, save us from rightly being eaten up by the fruit of our rebellion.

Lord, we are foolish, save us from our insanity.
Lord, we are senseless, grant to us your wisdom
Lord, we have no eyes, give us sight
Lord, we have no ears, let us hear you
Lord, we are stubborn, teach us to submit
Lord, we are rebellious, make us loyal
Lord, we have turned aside and gone away, bring us back to your path

Lord, open our eyes to see you in the order of creation.  Help us receive with thanksgiving your many blessings every day.  

Lord help us not trust in our iniquities and sins to save us.  Help us see that it is our transgressions that have kept good from us.  

Lord, save us from the manipulators, the liars, and those who would tempt us into rebellion and pride.  Save us from those that judge without justice and have no regard for the oppressed.  

Give us a heart to defend the fatherless and help the needy.  

Lord, we deserve your judgement.  But for the sake of the Messiah Jesus and the sacrifice on the cross have mercy.   Be glorified in our redemption and in our being turned back from the path of destruction.  

Lord, awaken us, Lord help us, Lord transform us, Lord revive us.  


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