Sunday, April 10, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 145

Meditation on Psalm 145

Lord, you are the great CREATOR and KING of the universe.  Your competence and character are beyond human minds to search out or understand. 

Lord, you made a universe 92 billion light years in diameter.  It has 100 billion solar systems made by your power.  The stars you have formed are estimated at 100 octillion.  All this is but a poor shadow of your wisdom and power.

You have created throughout history about 100 billion human souls.  You have loved them despite their rebellion against you as their KING.  Human beings are estimated to have fought in 8000 wars in recorded history in which it is thought 342 million died in combat.  No one can guess the number of people tortured, raped, oppressed, and betrayed.

Yet, in every generation, you have loved them despite their rejection of your love.  You have remained faithful to us even when we were unfaithful to you.  YOU provided rain, sunshine, seed, and harvest for the just and unjust. 

Dear precious personal living LORD.  You give undeserved favor, kindness, longsuffering. and unending love to us.  To each one of the 100 billion human souls, you have been good and merciful.

YOU are at work to manifest your righteous KINGDOM on earth.  YOU have kept tyrants from permanently winning in their quest for power.
Guiding history and invading it in the person of God the Son who became the Son of God in Messiah Jesus.  In your love, righteousness, holiness, and justice were seen and HE paid the full price to open the doors of compassion and forgiveness for all nations.


 I call out to you now LORD.  From the deepest part of my soul, I cry out.  THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN.   Save us now.  Allow us to endure.  Convert or cripple the wicked. 

LORD, may you rejoice in the works of your hands.

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