Saturday, May 28, 2016

Meditation on John 3

Meditation On John 3

Lord, let me seek YOU with my questions.  Let me listen to YOUR answers.  Let me now be without questions because I do not care or think I already have the answers.  

Lord, send your regenerating SPIRiT out in great power and raise the spiritually dead.  Without you giving us spiritual life we are dead and blind.  Come now and give us true and transforming new birth.  

Nothing we do in our own strength will matter.  Blow on us Wind of Heaven.  Bring to us a spiritual hurricane!  

Lord, let me understand what you are revealing.  Let us look to YOUR cross of sacrifice and suffering and be saved from the deadly poison of our sins.  

LORD, let every nation, people, and tribe hear of YOUR great love.  Save the people's of the world, the clans of the nations bring to faith, that all my escape just condemnation and know YOU in an intimate and close way.  Provide for us life eternal.   

Provide for us true faith in YOU LORD JESUS!  Messiah, Son of God, anointed prophet, priest, and king, the Word made flesh, take from us our love of darkness and help us come to YOUR light confessing and repenting of our sins.  Shine your light upon us and take us out of darkness.

  Lord, be our bridegroom and let us see the great love you have for us.  Help us see YOUR desire to become one with us and have an intimate relationship with you.   Grow greater and greater in our lives.   

Son of God; be leading us to take refuge in only you, give to us true and deep devotion to you.  There is no life outside of YOU.  No hope of salvation or escape from just wrath on our sins.  Good Savior, now save us!   Our hope and trust are in you alone.  Amen

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