Monday, May 23, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 25

Meditation on Psalm 25

Lord, YOU are what I rely on so let me not suffer defeat before the enemies of my soul.  Help be patient and trust you at the darkest hour.  Defeat the dark lord, the lies of the world, and the unbelief of my own heart.  

Open  my mind, heart, and soul to your truth.  Make clear to me a lifestyle that would be the way of right living.  YOU are my Savior Lord Jesus so now show me how to follow you this day.  

Lord, pour out your faithful and promises love upon me.  Cleanse me of my past sins and remember me today as a child of your grace and mercy.  

Lord, you are good, great, giving, and full of grace.  YOU LORD, are the faithful and loving teacher to the loss.  Ready to instruct those ready to hear.  Grant me the willingness to know that I need to learn.  All your ways are filled with your unconditional and faithful compassion.  

Save me from the traps that have been set before me.  Lead me not into temptation.  Deliver me from the evil one.  For the glory of your name save me.  My sins are great and many.  Only your grace can save me at the great price of your blood upon the cross.  I look to YOU alone to save me.  Heavenly friend, come now , and help me, least I perish.  

Good, great, God of grace; turn to me and pour your mercy and unconditional love towards me.  Be on my side though I don't deserve it.  I am overwhelmed with my troubles, distresses, afflictions, and troubles.  LORD, turn to me or I have no hope.  I am weak and small, without you, I can do nothing.  

Protect my soul.  Defeat the dark lord and the evil that pursues. me.  Help me to trust you in the middle of things that make no sense to me.  

Renew, revive and restore me and all your people.  Shake the nations and act in a mighty way in our generation.  Now is the time.  Come Lord.  Amen

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