Friday, May 27, 2016

Prayer based on Luke 15

Prayer based on Luke 15

Lord, keep me from thinking I am better and brighter than others.  Keep me from the attitude of self-righteousness.   

Lord, I take joy over anything that goes my way,  Whenever, my will is done I am happy.  If I lose some small thing and then find it I take joy in it.  I will pray to find it and you in your grace answer these small simple non-significant petitions.  

Yet, I do not pray for the lost souls to be reconciled to you as I should.  I don't cry out for your kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as in heaven.  I have no great joy over those who do come to faith.  

Lord, forgive my hard heart. 

Lord, remember today the prodigal children.  Those who have been raised in homes where they had bibles, prayer, church, and faith.  Where the hope from when they were first born was that they would know you, love you, and serve you.  

But now so many have strayed.  They live in far countries.  No longer involved with bibles, prayer, church, or faith.  They have become secular and hard.  Some are still involved in a time of success and parties.  Others are with the pigs eating pods.  

Rebellious children all. 

Just like me.  

Holy Spirit, come now awaken the prodigals who are far off.  Break the hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh.  Give to them a change of mind and heart.  Open their eyes to see your grace, forgiveness, and love.

Give answers to their doubts. 

Heal their church wounds.

Heal the wounds we caused.

Give them, the gift of faith.  

Don't let them perish in the far country.   

The dream we had for them all their lives was that they would have lives of faith, love, and hope.  We would have sacrificed our lives for their lives.  We did sacrifice our lives for their lives.  They were supposed to follow you better than we have.  Suppose to be stronger and smarter.  

But we could not make their choices for them.  Had to let them grow.  But now could they go so far away from you?  

Forgive us for our failures in being better examples of faith to them.  

Good Father, who takes joy in having prodigals come home.  Bring them back to us by the millions.  Let the baptized children be awakened in their hearts to come back to YOU this day.  Let the dedicated children, set apart like Samuel, be awakened and be brought back to you today.  

Stir the faith given in childhood and break into the dark places with your light and love.  

Lord, please act now to bring the prodigal children home.   Amen

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