Monday, February 15, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 25

Meditation on Psalm 25

LORD, I lift up my soul, spirit, heart, and life. All that I am I lift up to you. Help me feel your presence with me, around me, over me, under me, and in me. Open me to an experience of your "being". 

Lord, help me to trust you. Keep me from loss and shame. Defeat the unbelief in my heart, the dark culture around me, and the dark destroyer of souls who desires my destruction. Help me to wait for you to move and act in dependence on your promises. Protect me from those who seek to hurt me. 

Teach me how to live a lifestyle that shows your wisdom and love. Lead me today in everything I do and everything I don't do. You are the ultimate power and the ruler over my salvation and I will depend on you to keep your promises even on the days in which I have not yet seen them fulfilled. I will trust you in the dark days of defeat. 

When you think of me this day LORD, do it through the sacrifice of your suffering on the cross. Be merciful to me and apply all the unconditional and sacrificial love you have for me. Place the rebellions of my past under the grace of your blood and wash them clean from my record. LORD, remember me in your kindness and eternal love. 

LORD, you are good, great, and full of grace. You instruct me on my worst days with patience and care. Help me to accept myself for who I really am in your sight. Let me not think of myself in an exalted way. Help me to see I am dust and very frail. I need you to teach me how to live. Help me guard your promises and commitments in my heart. 

For the sake of YOUR plan of salvation, provide me pardon for all my lack of love and logic in my life. My guilt is great. I need your grace. 

Be my friend this day. Help me escape from all the traps of the enemy. Instruct me in your wisdom from above. Allow my children to be the objects of your grace. Help me live in the knowledge of your love for me 

LORD, turn to me. Help me encounter and experience your grace. I feel alone and hurting. My true self is greatly distressed. Consider my situation and struggles. The problems before me seem like mountains. Forgive all my sins in your great redemptive actions and love. 

I take refuge in YOU, LORD. Save me from the foes of my soul. Defeat the plans of the dark lord for me and protect me from his hatred. Help me leave a good legacy for the next generation. Allow your grace to triumph in me and through me. I trust you and wait for you to demonstrate YOUR power in the critical issues I now face. 

Restore, reform, renew and revive your community of faith dear KING Jesus. Bring light to the darkness. Save us now! Save your Church! Act now in a way never expected. 

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