Saturday, February 13, 2016

Musings on Phil 2:1-12

Lord, thank you for the encouragement of the promises of pardon and power in the Messiah and the assurance that nothing can separate me from your LOVE. YOUR SPIRIT comes to show and helps me to feel your empathy for me and care for me. LORD, I am awestruck at your great salvation of my soul and life. 

Lord, unite all your disciples in having one outlook based on your scripture, a unity of passion, and with one heart seek to serve and worship you.

Save us from the insanity of baptizing our selfishness and self-centeredness in religious competition with other groups of disciples. Let us look at the virtues of other movements and the vices or our own traditions. Help us care for the needs of others as well as striving to properly handle our own affairs in love. 

Messiah Jesus give us your mind and heart. Even as YOU left heaven to come to earth, live the only fully righteousness life, becoming the bone of bone and the flesh of flesh with us, and then submitting to the sacrificial condemnation of being upon the cross. YET, such sacrifice led to our salvation and the glorification of the LORD JESUS. 

Lord, let me get in touch with the salvation you have placed into my soul and help me find the way to bring out the wonder of that salvation in a very sober and realistic manner in the practical activities of my life. 

I praise you for being active in my life. It gives you wild pleasure to see me become like the Lord Jesus Christ.

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