Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 37:1-18

Lord, let me not be in a panic about the evil that surrounds me or wonder how those who disobey you can seem to do so well. Remind me that your enemies will fade and wither. Their "success" is short lived. That your loving redemptive patience gives them time to have a change of mind and heart. Lord, convert or cripple them. 

Help me to rely on you and focus on seeking to create the deeds of love that you designed me to accomplish. Teach me the ways of faithful living. Forgive me for my unfaithfulness in so many ways in the past. Help me be able to live with the impact and damage such unfaithfulness has caused. Lord have mercy on all those I failed. 

LORD, be my one desire. Help my heart respond in joy, awe, and love as I meditate upon your goodness, greatness, and grace. Open my eyes to see you and grant my soul the ability to respond with delight. Awaken me to your presence and power. Let a clearer vision of you fill my soul. Lord of grace, please have grace on me.

I commit to you my lifestyle, my habits, my goals, and my days. Into your hands, I give you my life, my breath, and my being. YOU have bought me with your blood now possess me with your SPIRIT. Act now for your glory and forgive me my lack of faith. 

Show now your righteousness, justice, and mercy before the watching world. 

Help me not panic but to find in you, my refuge. Help me trust you in the dark. Help me not fear the enemy of my soul but instead, rely on you to deliver. 

Keep me from frustration, fear, and mere human anger. Let not worry lead me to reckless actions. Help me trust that you will work all things out for good. Evil will not win in the long run. Your kingdom will come. 

Help me see myself as I am. Take from me pride, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness. 

Let me see that you are never afraid of evil winning. You laugh in the face of the devil. LORD, you have no fear. Give to my your courage. 

Provide your help to the poor and needy, Save the oppressed. Protect the unborn and end abortion. Break the power of those who bring harm and oppress. Destroy ISIS by conversion or by crippling their efforts to do harm. Steal from them their financial resources and defeat all their plans of battle. Contain them and take from them favor with all who would ally themselves with them. Lord hear us. End this dark source of spiritual and physical death. Break their strength. 

Uphold your Church and revive, renew, reform, and restore her to be a clear light to the nations. Destroy the gates of hell in our generation. Do more than we think is possible. Convert the Middle East according to your promises in Isaiah 19. Move the mountains that we might all be in wonder to you. 

Convert us deeply and significantly, encounter our children, and provide profound transforming faith to our grandchildren. Move now LORD and show your power to save the unsavable. 

Lord, your steadfast love is new every morning and great is your faithfulness. Lord help me see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly this day. Amen

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