Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meditation on John 3

Meditation On John 3

LORD, allow the regeneration of our hearts to bring a transformation of our souls.  Spirit come now and raise the dead.  Grab out of our chests the hearts of stone and put into our core the hearts of flesh.

Divine wind blow on us, on the Church, in our communities, cultures, cities, and nations.  Come WIND of life and revive us now.

LORD, open our eyes to see you raised up on the cross taking upon yourself the just curse for our immoral transgressions.  Heavenly and eternal SON, speak to us of heavenly things that we might hunger and thirst for your KINGDOM to come.

Your free, unconditional, and infinite love drove you to come from heaven and earth to be our SAVIOR and HOPE.  Allow me to trust totally in you and not in myself.  Grant true acceptance and faith to be in my heart and soul.  Free me from the just condemnation of my sins and allow me to hunger for truth and desire to be free of lies.  Help me not flee into darkness but seek your light.  Work you work in me for your glory, my good, and the good of all I touch in my life.

Lord, I can see or receive only what is given me from heaven.  Be of great grace and let me see clearly.  Grant a true revelation of your love before a watching culture.  Give to us now true insight into YOU and YOUR kingdom plan.

Lord, grant my faith to allow me to see you more clearly, permit this true vision to create in me a passionate love for you, and from this wildfire within me to produce deeds of obedience and beauty that all may see your glory in me.  

Lord I believe, help my unbelief.

Thank you for loving me more than I could ever imagine.  Help me to see that nothing can separate me from your love.  Lord, now help me to trust in your love on my most difficult of days.  Amen

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