Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 61 & 62

Psalm 61 and 62

LORD, you assure us that you are our safe place, a protector, and the source of all our security.   You are the God who hears both our desperate needs and our sincere vows.   LORD, you have told us that all power is yours and that you will use that power to save us.  Ultimately, we must give an account of how we have lived to you and you alone.  

I thank you, Lord, for in those moments when I feel most insecure, attacked, betrayed, and lost; YOU are there in your steadfast love and compassion.  YOU LORD provide a firm foundation for hope in hopeless times.  I praise YOU for your faithfulness. 

I confess Lord, that I lose sight of your love for me and of your promises.  I live in fear because I doubt that your hand will save me.  Instead of waiting for your great intervention to help me I panic.  I strive to save myself when only you can save me.  

Lord, now come and help us.  Be our rock, salvation, and fortress.  Make it so your Church will not be shaken and that the enemies of your gospel will be crippled and/or converted.   Watch over your people now with your steadfast love and faithfulness and put to silence all of our fears.  Lord have mercy.  Amen

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