Friday, March 18, 2016

The Choice we face today

The Choice We Face Today

In reality, our quest for happiness is driven by a primal urge, an urge as ancient as the first man and woman, an urge that predates postmodernism, modernism, the enlightenment, and Freud.
Like every generation before, we face the same ancient choice, and it’s not a choice between happiness and holiness, but between two different quests for happiness (one evil, one holy).
Quest #1 is a pursuit of the happiness promised by the false securities and comforts and idols of our world, but turns out to be false lies that grieve.
Quest #2 is a true happiness found in God, a genuine delight in him, an eternal and unending treasuring of his glory and holiness above all else.
So there’s the key. The battle for this true holy-happiness is a daily spiritual battle for the faith to choose the right happiness.

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