Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 55

Meditation on Psalm 55

Lord, hear me today because of the great grace poured into my life at your sacrifice for my sins on the cross.  Let me now come before you due to your unconditional love and mercy alone.  

Answer me Lord!  I need you!

Defeat the enemy in my life.  Take from me the lies of the devil, the temptation of the unbelieving culture to conform, and the unbelief of my own heart.  

Lord, I want to escape from the complicated life you have ordained for me to live and be in a simpler and safer place.  Circumstances are more than I think I can handle.  So let me find in you, my shelter and refuge.  

Lord, come and save the culture of the United States.  Our society is filled with violence and abuse.  Those who seek to spread insanity go around 24/7 to promote immorality and strife.  Those weakest are oppressed and lies dominate in the marketplace of ideas.   Unless there is a great spiritual awakening then there is no hope.  You must break out among us.  YOU and YOU alone can save us.  Lord have mercy now.  Come to us. 

Begin this awakening in your Church.  The insanity begins with us.  We who are called YOUR "friends" are at the root of the problems.  We have sided with insanity and supported wrong in the hope it will bring right.  Lord, drive from us our dependence upon ungodly means as the way to move towards righteous ends.  Without YOUR LIFE bearing fruit in us then nothing of worth can be accomplished.  

YOU, will for your glory save your CHURCH.  You will redeem us because of YOUR blood that has been shed.  LORD, humble us that we may be lifted up.  Be with us as we battle for YOUR love in this generation.  

Save us from those who would befriend us only to betray us.  Who are manipulators and would want to use your Church as a pawn in their game.  Save us from such plots. 

Lord, the weight of my life.  The weight of our times.  The weight of the needs.  I cast upon YOU who are all powerful and all loving.  Carry them for me.  Sustain me now this day.  Help me not be moved from my faith or love.  Lord, sustain me!

Lord, confront those who plot evil in every land.  Cripple and convert ISIS.  Frustrate the plans of those who plot evil to their families, friends, and communities.  Give them a change of mind and heart.  Pour out the spirit of repentance upon us.  Bring us to our right minds.  Bring your prodigals home.  

Increase my trust in YOU this day!  For your glory, my good, and that I may be of good to others.  Amen

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