Saturday, March 19, 2016

Meditation on Matthew 26

Meditations on Matthew 26

LORD, Jesus it was always your plan to be delivered up to be crucified to pay for my sins.   Thank you for determining that you would do this amazing and painful act on my behalf.  

LORD, there are people who plot to hurt your cause and witness this day.  Help me be prepared for persecution and rejection.  Also, let me see through plots that have been planned to hurt your gospel and ministry.  Lord, build up and protect your Church.  

LORD Jesus,  give me a heart that would "waste" my resources in the worship of you.  Let me find my "alabaster flask of expensive ointment" and be ready to  pour it out upon you in worship.  Help me not worry about those who would condemn such sacrifices because they do not see you as worthy of glory and offerings.  

Lord, let me not be willing to betray you for any amount of money.  Keep the love of money away from my heart.  Let me see that I can become a failure by valuing wealth more than I value worshipping you.  

LORD Jesus, help me trust that you are always planning my way of service before I get there.  Help me be trusting and reliant upon you to be taking me to the right place at the right time.  

LORD Jesus, let me never betray you.  Keep me from this sin.  Let me not fall away and desert YOU or your Truth.   Increase my faith, love, and hope in you.  

LORD, let me remember the last time I took the communion supper.  Help this memory, stir up me the reality of what took place 2000 years ago when you poured out your blood for the covenant of redemption that I have had my sins forgiven and washed away.  

LORD, rob me of my pride and self-confidence.  Let me see I only stand by your grace.  Keep me from boasting about what great things I will do for you and instead, be quietly being careful to do your will in my life, day by day.  Keep me from boasting.  

LORD,  let me not enter into temptation due to a lack of prayer.  Allow me to pray diligently so that I may be able to really say from the core of my being, "Not my will, but your will be done!"

LORD, make me ready for the crisis which is your "divine appointment" for a vital moment in my life of faith.  May my daily walk with you support me on those darkest days.  

LORD JESUS, let me see that your work has to be done in your way.  Help me not think I can through my anger or aggression build your kingdom.   Help me see that every word of the prophets must be fulfilled.  Let me understand and seek your kingdom within the revelation of how you work, in me and others.  

LORD Jesus, let me see that you are the one true Messiah of Israel given for the salvation of all nations.  Help me anticipate with joy, your return in coming again to fully establish you righteous rule on the earth. 

LORD Jesus, let me not fear persecution and have the grace to give a clear and consistent witness of who you are and my relationship of love with you.   Keep me from pride and self-reliance, so that I will not fail when I face temptations.  

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

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