Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prayer based on Mark 9

Meditations on Mark 9

Lord, let me see you in the glory of your kingdom. Help me see in you the hope and fulfillment of both the law and the prophets. God the Son, who has become the Son of God now help me to listen to you in my heart of hearts. Let me see you Lord Jesus and only you. 

Lord, give me insight into your redemptive plan. Allow it to make sense to my mind and bring amazement to my heart. Awaken mind and heart to the greatness, goodness, and grace of your coming to save us. Keep me from fighting against your plans of salvation and grant me the faith that will follow you in these plans. 

What is the faith that you want us to have? That you want me to have? Where there is this "faith" then there is power to free children of darkness. But such "faith" must be rare. The most dedicated of souls to those who they sacrifice and love can lack it. The ordained representatives of your kingdom are without it. 

Lord, we believe, help our unbelief. 

Deepen our faith in prayer and understanding of a relationship with you means. Grant us understanding that every kingdom good can be attained if one believes in YOU as the KING. Open our eyes to understand and allow us to experience such faith that can bring kingdom power to us. Lord, have pity on us and teach us to have such faith. Lord have mercy now. 

Lord, you were destined to die for my sins. For the sins of your people. To suffer our pain and shame on the cross for our lack of seeking YOU and instead seeking sin to save us. Help me understand more your great love that led you to such an infinite sacrifice. Thank you for dying for me.

Messiah Jesus help me see what it means to be a leader who serves and to seek to understand that serving means leading. The one that serves much leads much and the one who serves little leads little. Help me not want power and control but to serve. 

Grant me to see the greatness of your authority working through a wide range of people who you have called. Let me now think that I am more than them. Help me be thankful that you have called me to follow and let me rejoice that they seek you as well. Open my eyes to the vastness of your kingdom work on earth.

Give me a hatred of sin. Provide me a desire and means to protect the children to be led astray by our unbelieving culture into dark lives and deeds. Save your covenant children who have slipped into moral and spiritual chaos. 

Grant to me a radical repentance and one that fears the consequences of immorality and rebellion. Let me see that sin brings death and not victory. I sin to win but that is a lie. Sin brings death and condemnation. Your sacrifice is my only hope. 

Put into me the holiness of your love for righteousness. Purify and preserve my soul. Renew and revive me. Make me the presence of your temple in the midst of a fallen culture. Shine your glory into those I touch this day.   Amen

Thy kingdom come. Amen

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