Friday, March 11, 2016

Meditation on Matthew 6

Meditation on Matthew 6

LORD, let me strive to live a life with you alone as the audience and not for the praise or recognition of people. 

Lord, let me see the need of the needy and give to them because you care for them.  

Lord let me pray not to be seen praying but to have you hear my heart.

Help me dear Father in heaven to not just say lots of words as if by magic this would give me some power over your power.  Help me know that you already know what I really need.  Holy Spirit, intercede for me out of the deepest groanings of my heart.  

Dear beloved heavenly DAD.

May your character, compassion, and competence be demonstrated before all nations and all creation.   

May you bring your moral rule and will to the earth that the righteousness of heaven would be manifested here on the earth. Give to us a hunger and thirst for your kingdom and righteousness. 

Good Father, you know our physical needs, meet them as best fits your kingdom purpose in our lives.  Help us to be content in every circumstance with the trust that all things are being controlled by YOU for good purposes.  Help us to trust you during the darkness of our hardest days. 

Lord, forgive our transgressions which are many based upon your payment for our sins on the cross.  Help our hearts be won to loving loyalty to you as we see your infinite sacrifice to save us.  Help our own forgiveness seems so vast that we will give forgiveness to those who have abused, betrayed, and hurt us.  Give to us forgiving spirits. 

Do not bring us into the space where we may be tempted to sin to win.  Keep us from putting ourselves in situations that encourage us to do moral evil.  Help us hate sin and see it as the poison of  our souls.  

Lord, defeat the dark lords purposes in our lives.  Deliver us from his lies and deceptions.  Allow us to see reality clearly and not give in to illusions.  

Help us to see that unforgiving spirit in us is a sign of unbelief controlling us.  True faith in you leads to having a heart able to give grace and mercy.  Save us from bitterness and self-righteousness.   Help us give grace as we have received grace.  

Lord, teach us to fast as you would have us fast.  Help our prayers become more intense.  Put passion into our petitions.  Give us the faith to believe that you will fervent prayers.  

Lord, save us from the materialism and greed which surrounds us on every side in our culture.  Every commercial tells us we need more.  Our greatest concerns are in what we don't have or may lack in the future.  

Provide for us a vision of your provision.  Show us that our anxiety and fear do not make us safer or more secure.  Help not trust in our worry to save us.  

Give to us a heart fully devoted to seeking your kingdom and righteousness in our personal lives and community.   Help us see we know nothing about the future and that today has enough challenge in it to keep us fully occupied.  

Lord, this day let us live in a sane manner, have an inner stability of soul, and be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT!  Come now and control us from the inside out!  Manifest your kingdom and rule in us this day!

Revive, renew, restore, and reform us!  Awaken us now!

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