Saturday, March 26, 2016

Prayer based on Mark 11:12-25

Meditation on Mark 11:12-25

Lord, help me bear fruit.  Grant your Church to bear fruit.  Give to us the life within to bear fruit.  Have mercy upon us.  Forgive us our sins. 

Lord, cleanse my heart even as you cleansed the physical temple.  My soul was to be a house of prayer for all nations but I have become distracted and seek to gain my own desires instead of your desire.  Lord, renew, revive, restore, and reform my soul now to reflect you will on earth as in heaven. 

Lord, give me faith in YOU!  Let me believe you have the power to move mountains, shake kingdoms, bring down empires, change the direction of elections, in order to have your kingdom and righteousness to the earth.  Let me not doubt your power to do the impossible for nothing is impossible for you.   Let my prayers be filled with the faith that you can do as you will upon the earth.  

Lord, steal from Isis their power and wealth.  Convert their leaders and cripple their efforts to harm.  Stop them on every side and frustrate their plans.  Help me understand your words and ways.  Show me how to pray in true kingdom faith.  

Let my heart be filled with grace, mercy, pardon, and forgiveness.  May I not stand in self-righteous judgment of others but in the knowledge that I have been forgiven by your grace alone.  Lord, let me share the unconditional love you have had on me with others. 

Lord have mercy now on me.  

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