Monday, March 7, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 80

Meditation on Psalm 80

Help me accept you as the great and good Shepherd of your people.  You are the LEADER and KING of your community of disciples.  YOU have the ability to save us and raise us up to  be all you designed us to be.  LORD, you have the power to restore us. 

I am thank you for your faithfulness even when we are unfaithful.  Now in this hour, we need your FACE to shine upon us that we may be saved in a new vision of your goodness, greatness, and grace.   Open us to understand YOUR perfect competence, character, and compassion.  I am thankful that in YOUR sacrifice on the cross our prayers now can come boldly before your throne and be unconditionally heard before your open heart.  LORD, you have brought us out of the world to demonstrate your greatness and revive, restore, and renew us that we may accomplish the purpose you first designed. 

I confess that I have forgotten that without you I can do nothing.  My pride blinds me to the reality that I can do nothing of worth without you.  Forgive me my self-reliance and lack of trust.  Forgive me for doubting your ways in the middle of hard times.  Come now and increase my vision of you.  Help me see you more clearly.  Help me to know myself as well. 

Lord, give us tears of repentance.  Break our hard hearts.  

Those covenant children who have strayed from the instruction of their youth, bring back to a new and vibrant faith.  Do not allow these children that have been separated by your Word and the faith of their parents to be lost to the world.  What glory can they give you in their apostasy or their shallow cultural faith?  Bring them back and show how strong YOUR hand is to save!  Lord have mercy on them.  Lord remember them.  Increase your church by bringing back the straying children of the covenant.  Open their eyes to see you for themselves and not only have heard about you from their parents.  

Restore them!  Restore us!  Let your face shine upon us and give us your peace.  Save your Church!  Save us now!  

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